Managed Infrastructure Overview

Cloud computing conceptLeftclick’s managed services is a comprehensive network management service, combining proactive maintenance, remediation via remote access, permanent onsite Technicians, on-call Support and hardware/software support, all for a flexible monthly Service Level Agreement (SLA) fee.

Support services include monthly reports to our clients highlighting monthly support activity and where required, recommending improvements to existing IT infrastructure to reduce the support overhead and therefore improve our client’s productivity. Every business is unique and Leftclick provides flexible customised services that perfectly fit your business needs to ensure that you are only paying for the coverage you need.

Our suite of support products are packaged to provide agreed levels of support for your IT infrastructure. No matter what level of support your business requires, there is a Support product that will meet your specific needs.

Why Outsource?

Having an in-house IT department or technician can often present a risk to your business and also become an unnecessary expense. Managing multiple networks allows us to always be at the cutting edge of technology and significantly decrease resolution times. We will ensure that at all times you comply with industry standards or at the very least keep you informed of new systems and services that will benefit your business

Leftclick will even provide you with a replacement resource in the event of your on-site resource going on leave, dealing with a family emergency or being unavailable for an extended period.
Our technicians & engineers utilize the web of knowledge and experience within Leftclick to deal with any queries or situations that is beyond their expertise.


  • Assist with IT budgets and forecasting
  • IT consulting and advising
  • Infrastructure & Solution planning
  • Project management
  • Create and implement process, procedure & policy
  • Complete asset management
  • Managing 3rdparty suppliers
  • Managing Microsoft software audits
  • Documenting network infrastructures
  • Dedicated resources available 24/7