Helpdesk Overview

Online consultantLeftclicks dedicated Helpdesk service provides our customers with round-the-clock support and dedicated customer care personnel without the high costs associated with providing in-house Helpdesk services. However smooth and professional Leftclick’s service is, we know that our clients will need to contact our Helpdesk at various times, maybe to book an emergency call-out, re-schedule a service visit, or possibly for advice about their data security.

Leftclicks Helpdesk is manned by friendly and experienced professionals who understand your challenges and respond quickly and efficiently to resolve any of your issues.

We consider the Helpdesk a vital part of our service as it is the face of the company and the clients first point of contact when help or advice is needed . Our end users can be assured of a professional, friendly voice to manage their query.

Core Service & Support

  • Respond to all support queries
  • Manage and escalate report queries accordingly
  • Schedule and plan technician site visits as required
  • Manage proactive support
  • Manage off-site backups
  • Monitoring of all client systems & connections

In addition to this all our clients will have access to management contact details to escalate problems 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Helpdesk Hours & Contact Details

Monday - Friday

07:00 till 18:00 0861 533 8254

Afterhour Support

18:00 till 07:00 021 488 6911