Backup Solutions Overview

Backup SolutionsOnline backup facilities are used by millions of users globally. Leftclick provides online backup that measure up to enterprise-class protection for the small to medium size business for a simple and affordable monthly subscription.

Our solution automates the process of backing up critical data, removing manual copying to disk or synchronising with company servers. You can always get back to a healthy copy in the event of file corruption by quickly retrieving backed up files, as required. If you have a group of machines to protect, our online backup service supports and manages the backup of all user data.

Whether you are a small business user who needs help protecting an accounting package such as Pastel – or an IT support professional needing to ensure corporate laptops are compliant – our team of experts has a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist you with the secure, remote backup of your company data.

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Backup Costs

Online Backup Costs
Backup Space Allocation Price
3GB R 99
10GB R 299
50GB R 599
250GB R 999
500GB R 1 699
1TB R 2 499
2TB R 4 499

Once off Setup R 999
All pricing excludes VAT
Please contact us for queries regarding online backup solutions beyond 2TB.
This is subject to a high speed connectivity solution via Leftclick and any other standard connection will result in a bandwidth tax.

Off-site Backup on External Drive

An alternative off-site backup solution is a physical external drive rotation managed by Leftclick. We will send a technician to your site to switch the external drive on a schedule that suits your requirement and your pocket. The technician will ensure the backup ran successfully and he will also take the drive with the latest backup off-site to store in a secure area at our office.
We also do regular integrity checks on the data to ensure the backups are in a working condition should you ever need them.

Schedule Monthly Fee (Ex Vat)
Once a week R1999
Once every 2 weeks R1499
Once a month R999