If you have ever visited a state owned institution where they utilize computers, you will be familiar with this response; apologies, I am just waiting for the system to respond. It reminds me of the sloth scene in the animated movie Zootopia; you can have a look at this clip for reference: Speed of the […]

With so many Internet providers available in a saturated market it is difficult to stand out above the rest. Some clients are even further confused with all the noise from Fibre offers currently in the market and understanding what is best for your business is not always a simple task. Ultimately, there are 3 primary […]

Over the past year we have seen an increased awareness from clients regarding internet security and cyber-crime. This is mainly due to security breaches on social media and other platforms making headlines. Based on this awareness we have heard a number of questions like ???How safe is my network, or ???Can we be hacked. Our […]

We are anticipating the launch of yet another gadget from the Apple MAC world. There are rumours that Apple has approximately 100 designers busy testing the iWatch. At this stage there are only speculations about what the design might look like as it will not be large enough to mirror the display of an iOS […]