Leftclick is a Proud Level 3 BEE Contributor

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) aims at increasing black participation at all levels within our economy. The goal is to address the imbalances of South Africa’s history by transferring ownership, management and control of South Africa’s economic resources to the majority of our citizens. It also focuses on broadening and improving meaningful black participation in our economy.

(Broad-Based BEE Act No.53 of 2003: http://www.empowerdex.co.za/Portals/5/docs/BEE%20Act.pdf)

Leftclick is a proud Level ThreeBEE contributor.

BEE has always been a significant part of our company’s strategy to improve economic and social wellbeing of previous disadvantaged individuals.

LeftClick is committed to transformation and empowerment and will continue to strive to improve our rating with a significant transformation of our business and enhancing the richness and depth of our culture.

We will continue to play an active part in building our nation’s future by not only providing employment but by meaningful economic participation.

We have recently been assessed and scored as a level 3 contributor.

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